What's Wrong with the BMW ActiveHybrid X6? Pull Up a Chair.

Thomas Hundal has decreed the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 as the worst car of the 21st century. Then he describes all the things that qualify this car for that dishonor. First, it's not at all attractive, as this BMW combines the worst features of a SUV and a coupe. At least that makes it look like a hybrid. But whose idea was it to put a twin turbo hot-vee 8 engine in a hybrid? The whole point of a hybrid car is to save on gas, but this car gets less than 20 miles a gallon. Besides that, the turbos are so hot that the electric fans have to run way more than they should. This adds to the stress on all the parts, and replacing them is not only a given, but very expensive. Hundal also explains why the gearbox is all wrong, the brakes are weak, and it's not even fun to drive. You could say he doesn't like this car at all, and it's all the more reasons you should read reviews before you settle on any model to buy. Read the rundown on the evils of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 at The Autopian. Almost all commenters agree on this model's shame.

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