Watch a Drone Camera Keep Up with a Formula 1 Racer

Since you are here on Grand Blog Auto, you are probably the kind of person who would consider an F1 driver to be an athlete. If so, then you should also consider ShaggyFPV (Ralph Hogenbirk) to be an athlete as he pilots a camera drone to capture David Coulthard as he pushes to 310 kilometers (192 mph) per hour. Both are in control, pushing advanced technology machines to their limit.

Not good enough? How about the challenge of following Max Verstappen round the corners of the 8-kilometer Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit?

The world's fastest drone camera was developed by the Dutch Drone Gods in collaboration with Red Bull for just this stunt. Well, there's no doubt it will pay off in the future, to give race fans such a close look at the action. The drone looks like a rocket, and must act like one. The actual drone/F1 run begins about nine minutes in, but the road to the race is worth watching as well. -via Born In Space ā€‹

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