Vehicle Recommendations for a Road Trip

Andy Kalmowitz and Steve DaSilva from Jalopnik answer a question from a reader. What are the best and worst vehicles to take on a road trip? Having been on many road trips with my parents and my children, and a few as a couple, I can vouch for the value of a minivan. My parents bought a Volkwagon microbus which the family drove to death, then got another one. But I have a bit of a problem with attributing their value to the DVD players. Why drag kids all over the countryside if you're not going to see the countryside and interact with each other? I took my kids places in a Windstar. In my experience, the very worst car of all time for a road trip is a Mini Cooper. Not only is it uncomfortable, if it breaks down and you're not near a major city, any local mechanics will roll their eyes and sigh at you. You can get plenty more opinions on the subject from those who know in the comments under this video at YouTube. -via Digg ā€‹

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