The Straight Dope on Vehicle Questions

For many of us non-mechanics, the inner workings of our cars is a mystery. Even for those of us who learned to clean our carburetors and top off our batteries long ago, the revolution in mechanical design has left us behind. We can ask our mechanic, but they are liable to explain with jargon or else assume that we won't understand. So who better to ask than a mechanical engineer who is also a teacher? J. Christian Gerdes is the co-director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS). He also is a professor of mechanical engineering, meaning he has to explain complicated concepts to those who haven't learned them yet. In this video, he explains in simple language things like why we can't switch to electric without buying a new car, why race cars have spoilers, and the future of EVs, hydrogen power, flying cars, and autonomous vehicles. I learned a lot. -via Geeks are Sexy ā€‹

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