The Hamburgler Drives a Burgercuda

The Hambergler is one of the characters from McDonaldland, supposedly a thief who wants to steal hamburgers, but really a friend to all. He is the focal point of the latest McDonald's giveaway called the Hamburgler Watch Sweepstakes. To promote the contest, the Hamburgler is driving around in a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, built by Sean Smith Designs. They call it a "Burgercuda."

This car has a plate that says "RBL RBL," which is the totality of the Hambergler's vocabulary. The gear shifter looks like American cheese. And it has a burger warmer right there between the seats! Autoweek calls it the "best-looking car in the McDonald's universe." Keep your eye out for a sleek getaway car driven by a masked character that resembles a cartoon, or get a good look at the Burgercuda in Autoweek's gallery of images. And if you want a shot at a free supply of McDonald's burgers for a year, you can enter the sweepstakes here

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