The Earth Opens Up Under Three Cadillac SUVs

Back in 2014, a sinkhole collapsed in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and swallowed up eight classic Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum. That made national news. When the same thing happened at a Cadillac dealership in Leominster, Massachusetts, it didn't make quite the same splash.

Heavy rains caused some local flooding in Leominster, and a sinkhole caused the pavement to collapse at Durand Cadillac on Monday. Three SUVs fell several feet into the hole. Owner Rick Durand does not have flood insurance. The cars are valued at $65,000 each.

From what you see in the image above, you might wonder why they didn't just drive the cars out of the hole. They are SUVs, after all. But we know no one takes a Cadillac SUV off-road. Besides, the soaked ground was dangerously unstable. The area eventually opened up into a hole 15 feet deep! The cars were retrieved on Tuesday, but even thought they are new, they now have a serious ding on their CarFax report. -via Road & Track 

(Image credit: Wachusett Paving

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