Indy 500 Pace Cars Up For Auction

The excitement for the Indianapolis 500 is building, and therefore cars are for sale. Team Penske is selling 16 Indy 500 pace car models through Mecum Auctions on May 16. Wanna buy an Indy pace car? You're out of luck, as none of these cars actually paced the Indy 500- they are rather "Indy 500 Edition" models. But you might get some looks for driving around in a car that says "Indianapolis 500 pace car" on the side.

The Drive is less than impressed. They can understand why these automobiles are being disposed of. They selected the three lamest cars from the auction and give us a thorough rundown on why the winning bidder might impress some non-race fans as they tootle around town, but serious automobile aficionados will just silently giggle.

(Image credit: Mecum)

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