Inattentive Drivers Become Victims of "The Curve"

The YouTube channel called The Turn is all about one curve in a rural road. It appears that people pay no heed to the warning signs and take the curve at full speed, with predictable results. We don't know where it is, but TheOGturn lives nearby and has a camera. TheOGturn tells us the speed limit is 25-30 mph on the road, and there are warning signs in both directions about the curve, with recommended speed of 15-20 mph for the curve. He also says there have been no injuries on that curve since he's lived there, but plenty of damaged cars and bruised egos.

This is his first compilation video. We start off in winter, when you should be driving well under the recommended speed on snow-covered roads. But starting at #12, it's good weather. Starting at #14, they have sound, so be ready. There are plenty more of these videos at The Turn. -via Jalopnikā€‹

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