Can You Trust a $600 Car to Get to a Wedding?

David Tracy of The Autopian is a fan of the Pontiac Vibe. He's also very cheap. Attending a wedding can get expensive when it's a couple of thousand miles away. When you're the best man and there's a bachelor party to consider as well as the ceremony itself, you have to watch your expenditures. Tracy lives in Los Angeles, but his best friend was getting married back in Detroit, so he cut corners wherever he could to save money. That included borrowing a car in Michigan instead of renting one, and that ended up being a $600 beater, namely a 2006 Pontiac Vibe with 350,000 miles on it. Well, that's an estimate because the odometer quit working at 299,000. What else will stop working?

Seeing the shape this car was in when it was purchased will make you cringe, but the owner, Tracy's old friend, put another $400 into it to make it at least look good. Will this car make it to the wedding? Will Tracy's girlfriend disown him over the stunt? Will this risky behavior end up being published for all to see? You betcha, and it's a story for both wedding fans and gearheads. ā€‹

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