Birth of the Minivan: The Stout Scarab

Before the first Volkswagen Beetle was produced in 1938, there was another car named after its insect shape- the Stout Scarab. Both cars were rounded like its namesake, but that's where any resemblance ceased. Produced from 1934-'39, the Scarab boasted lovely Art Deco lines and featured four swivel seats for passengers in the rear section -plus a fold-down table for meals and games. The skin was aluminum, the fenders pushed up under the carriage, and the generous glass (for its time) was incorporated into the aerodynamic design. The Scarab sported a lot of details from the aviation industry, thanks to the experience of its designer William B. Stout.

The Scarab has been called "the first minivan." But it was too innovative and too luxurious for for the 1930s. Few could afford the $5,000 price during the Great Depression, and few Scarabs were sold before they were discontinued. Read about this cool car and see plenty of pictures at Hagerty.  -via Everlasting Blort ā€‹

(Image credit: Tim Bounds

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