Better Gas Up Your Rental Car, Even If It's a Tesla

Joshua Lee was a loyal Hertz customer, until he rented a Tesla Model 3 during a weekend in Los Angeles. After returning the car, he noticed a $277.39 charge for refueling the car. The car is electric; there is no way to replenish the gas tank because it doesn't have one. Even if it did, that's an astonishing amount to demand. And Lee had even opted for the "Skip the Pump and Save Time" option on the rental agreement. Could the charge have been for electrical recharging? No, Lee recharged the car to 96%, which is where it was when he got the vehicle. And the fee for recharging electricity is $35, per Hertz's policy.

Lee disputed the charge, but the company doesn't want to budge on it. He received an email response that appears to be AI-generated denying his claim. The Drive tells the tale of Lee's car rental woes, and then Lee came into the comments to clarify that he had also spoken to a live person several times, but they still claim the $277 charge is legitimate. Others say he was lucky that Hertz didn't have him arrested for car theft. Lee no longer considers himself a loyal Hertz customer. -via Fark 

(Image credit: Joshua Lee)

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