Autoweek's Father's Day Gift Guide

I normally shy away from lists of products to buy, but I found some cool stuff in this one that I didn't even know existed. See the toolbox pictured above? It's not a toolbox at all. It's a refrigerator! You install this among your existing toolboxes, and not only does it look good, it's also camouflage. You don't have to offer a beer to just anyone who visits your workshop or garage, and disguising the refrigerator will dissuade them from asking. Clever.

Other neat items include hammock seating you can pull out of the trunk and hang from a trailer hitch, a box to heat or cool food using your car's 12V outlet, and a race car simulator cockpit for total VR immersion. There are also the gifts you expect: gadgets, accessories, tools, and items branded with gearhead brands. But what do you get for the man who already has every object he will ever want? Experience. There are many elite experiences available to give your Dad a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do something he'll never forget. Read about all of these gifts at Autoweek. ā€‹

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